Painting for Pure Joy

I am a watercolor artist. I sometimes wander around outdoors and just soak in the world around me observing the activity, the wildlife, colors and textures, shapes and shadows. There is incredible detail in the simplest of blossoms. I may take pictures; I may take notes. The sky is always changing. There is light in everything I can see. I am humbled by the magnitude of creation, by the incredible variety, by the rhythms.

What does it look like to paint your faith? My faith is not in the natural world or the man made world. My faith is in the creator himself who knows all the nuances of our lives and how we interact with the environment. The Creator, who provides the supplies and also the inspiration, desires to share. It is from him that my inspiration and passion come. My faith is communicated in my art. I too create. Painting is my play.

In recent months I have been intrigued by my environmental observations. The figurative works speak of that. My hope is that you will be drawn in, ponder and enjoy. May your own faith be encouraged. May you find ways to express it.

I also have passion for teaching and sharing the joy of painting. This has been a difficult year in that sense. Perhaps we will soon be able to gather and share from the experiences of the past year and from our hearts..

Ronnie Lafferty

My works are reasonably priced, if you are interested in more information about a work, purchasing or commissioning a work please contact me by phone or email.

Contact information:

Phone: (716)-640-8199

Fredonia, NY

“Sunflower Blossoms” was featured for all the promotional materials for the Buffalo Garden Tour 2018

Professional memberships:
Niagara Frontier Watercolor Society
North Shore Arts Alliance